Tips For Protecting Your Expensive Cell Phone

Most everyone has a cell phone nowadays.  The average price of today’s leading edge phones has blown past $1000.00.  Sure, insurance policies are available (and costly themselves).  But there are several things you can do inexpensively that will help you protect your cell phone from some of the more common issues. Continue reading “Tips For Protecting Your Expensive Cell Phone”

The Only Real Peace

Jesus is the only real peace to be found, even in the midst of the turmoil and pandemic sweeping through the world. (John 14:27)

Do you know Him?

If you don’t, or you’re unsure, click here to learn more.

There Is Therefore Now No Condemnation

To those of us who struggle with guilt due to the past sin we’ve committed, or guilt from not being able to resist fleshly temptations… Continue reading “There Is Therefore Now No Condemnation”

Vehicles I Have Owned

The first vehicle I drove regularly was a real classic… it wasn’t technically mine, but I drove it to work at Kentucky Power during college and to the Bluegrass Restaurant in Ashland, KY, where everyone went to cruise on the weekends.

It was a dark blue 1962 Rambler American, two door, with a flathead six cylinder engine.  Zero to 60 in 3 days.

And everyone said, “Oooooooo….”…  Y’all are just jealous. Continue reading “Vehicles I Have Owned”

We Are Now The Forerunners

My pastor preached a sermon on John the Baptist this past Sunday.  It got me to thinking about John and his mission in life, given to him before he was even born.  John was a forerunner. Continue reading “We Are Now The Forerunners”