Custom Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars and Trucks Available

I’ve dabbled in Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars since I received my first Matchbox truck at age 2.  It’s a hobby that’s stuck with me for over 60 years.

Recently, I started taking these diecast cars and trucks, and modifying them by changing the wheels on them for custom ones so they’d look cooler.  I started doing this just for myself, but then someone wanted to buy one, and it’s just sort of taken off.

I’ve been able to do several commissioned works where a customer requests a specific car, wheels, and paint color.  And I also just swap the wheels out for some with real rubber tires.

Quite a bit of my work is posted on my Instagram account, the Coldnose Garage.  Mostly, I advertise car and truck toys on Facebook Marketplace, and you can check those ads out here.

Here’s a few of my creations…