Why The Name Cold Nose?

So you”re asking, “Why on earth would someone pick the name ”Cold Nose” for a company??”

Since you”ve asked, the owner is a cat fan, and a cat with a ”cold nose” is healthy and happy, which is what he hopes his company will be, too.

Eh, what”s that??

“That”s not a satisfactory explanation?”, you say?

Do you REALLY want the long story??

Well, okay, but remember, you asked for it!! This might be a good time to drink some coffee; it”s a LONG, boring story.

Majestic orchestral music by John Williams starts playing… (cue that rolling text up there on the screen!!)

A long time ago…. in a galaxy far away….. Cut! Cut! Wrong script!


Moving right along… back in 1982, the owner received an invitation to join a professional computer organization. Being the cut-up that he is, he decided to complete the application using his cat’s name (Honey Cat, because she was the color of honey) and see what would happen.

When he came to the field titled COMPANY NAME:, he paused…. and suddenly an inspiration! Healthy cats have “cold noses”, so why wouldn’t a cat work for the “Cold Nose Corporation”?

He was really puzzled when he came to JOB TITLE:, but eventually he came up with something that would work.

SO… he completed the application

NAME: Ms. Honey Cat
TITLE: Chief Catbox Squatter
COMPANY NAME: Cold Nose Corporation
ADDRESS: 123 Main St.
CITY/ST/ZIP: Anywhere, ST 00000

No one was more surprised than he when in a few weeks he received an envelope addressed to “Ms. Honey Cat”, welcoming her to membership in the esteemed professional society.

So… there you have it.

Hey! You there… WAKE UP!!! I told you it was boring!